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This site is inspired by the need that many of us have, to find out what can be achieved in this life. I put this site together a short time ago and already it has too many links to check daily, so if you find a link that doesn't work or a site that is no longer relevant to pagan beliefs, please e-mail me so I can replace it. This is particularly an issue with sites on Geocities. My computer has a habit of crashing when I visit geocities pages. I don't check those sites as often as a result. I have included them because there are some wonderful pages housed on that server. I would encourage those webmasters or mistresses to relocate their site to Angelfire or Tripod. They are also free, and have less disruptive advertising. I am always looking for new content for these pages, and I would be thrilled to hear your suggestions. I would also like to know what parts of this site were of use to you and how I could make them better.

What's New

I am currently working on finding sites to add to the regional pages. I am also trying to fill out the other pages. I will also be adding pages for some of my favorite Gods and Goddesses. I have added a list, and my description, of a witch's tools. New 4-11-99 I have added a few backgrounds that you can use. New 11-21-99 I have added a few pictures that I created with Bryce.

New Links

New to the Gods page 08-23-99

Thor. God of Thunder.
Thor, god of thunder, son of Odin
Thor--Norse God of Thunder.
Thor, God of Thunder
Zeus, Ruler Of The Gods
Anubis, Egyptian god of the dead
Glossary of Dieties

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